Sunday, May 29, 2011


It occured to me recently while perusing my friend's Ravelry account, that to look at my Ravelry account would inspire one to beleive that I am completely inactive in the ways of the fiber arts .  My friend's account not only shows photos of her WIP's and completed projects but also includes: descriptions of each project , information on their difficulty, modifications made, the name of the person they were made for and if possible why - and needless to say each project is crafted with love and displayed with perfect photography and impeccable craft.  My account, on the other hand includes: a queue of projects which have not yet been cast on, a hoard of WIP's that have neither been touched nor updated since their conception, and a number of "gifts" that may only ever meet their owners on the needles and hooks from which they sprung. 

I should defend myself by saying that I am not completely stagnant in this department.  I almost invariably have at least 3 projects on the go, but usually just one that remains in my purse and travels with me everywhere for emergency queue-crafting. 

To look at this blog right now you may think I'm not thinking of my blog either, but that's simply not true.  You can ask Mr. Frogged who raises his eyebrows at me everytime he opens my laptop to find yet another "Sticky Note" up on my desktop with a random and wonderful blog idea.  The trouble is, I just don't seem to free the ideas from my head in any sort of timely manner.  Well, no more! 

I have decided how to challenge myself with this blog.  I need to set some ground rules. 
1:  Finish all my WIP's.
2:  Knit through the stash that is slowly creeping into every recess of my home (most recently a skein was found under my laundry tub much to Mr. Frogged's confusion)
3:  Knit through all the projects in Superstar Knits from our Stitch n Bitch friends who seem to be the only ones out there to offer patterns with how-to's beyond the staple knit and pearl.  This will hone my skills and also remove me from the trap of only using crafts for gifts.  I don't even own my own knitwear!
4:  Lastly, post to this blog at least every other week with all finished projects, WIP's, or just some update. 

In the spirit of this, I recently finished a blanket and bootees which I can share with you.  The blanket is pictured below but in my gift giving haste the bootees were not photographed before I gave them to their tiny owner. Hope you like them.