Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Extra Bags

My little one is 7 months in one week (which is hard to believe in itself!), and has already outgrown his infant car seat and his 6 month clothes and has his very own tooth!  The one thing I've noticed are the extra bags. We no longer live in a "grab the keys and run out the door" kinda house. Instead we live in the, "double check the diaper bag, back seat, purse, extra bag, booster seat bag, baby, dog, spouse..." kinda house. In part this could have to do with the cloth diapering because the diaper bag always needs to be emptied of the stinky stuff and reloaded, but more likely is my theory that bags magnetically collect around a baby, like a hemispherical forcefield of carry-alls. Case in point: under eye bags. Every new parent has them. You can't look me in the eye and call it a coincidence!  Must be the forcefield. 

The upside to this is that you always have EVERYTHING!  Spare bib, got it!  Diaper, got it! Clean clothes, wipes, hand sanitizer, check, check, check!  Spark plugs? They must be in here somewhere... 

The downside is, there is no room for knitting!  All these flipping bags, and by the time I'm loaded down and ready to head out the door I give my knitting bag a longing look and cast my eyes down, not able to tell it that it can't come too. But, I mean, really, at that point I just see it as one more thing to carry out the door instead of the bag of creative opportunity it really is. Even if I do bring it with me, I end up having so much parenting to do that knitting isn't even on the radar. 

I know this because everyday I bring my knitting bag downstairs and don't work on it. Then in the evening I bring it upstairs and don't work on it.  Thankfully, having it close by has a calming effect all on its own. Maybe one day soon i will be able to sort this out, but I doubt it. 

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