Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Stretch

Hello one and all,
Welcome back if you're a repeat visitor or welcome altogether if you're new.

This weekend I've spent many glorious hours AT HOME! It seems that Mr. Frogged and I are constantly out and about on the weekends, so even though this weekend involved entertaining on two separate occasions it seemed to me to be heaven itself since only one (delicious) social commitment outside my home existed.

I thought I had better fill you in on my week.

On Tuesday I worked from home because my office had a blackout. I'm telling you this because I will now be working summer hours and doing my half days at home every Friday! I'm hoping this will prompt a regular blog post when I finish work each week but we shall see how that goes.

In just under two weeks I'll be hopping onto a plane for England to meet my cousin's new little baby (who's expected next Friday) and introduce my fairly recently minted hubby to my extended family. This means that the blankie I'm working on needs to be finished within a week to leave time for washing and blocking. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... Here are some progress shots for you. What do you think?

That cameo is our little Tonka who is a crazy one year old Maltese. He's ready for his close up:

One of my guests was the mom who received the previously posted pink blanket (Tiramisu). She's buying me yarn (yay!) to make her another for a friend of hers and she's asked me to make yet another blanket for winter for her gorgeous baby girl. I can't wait to begin them! On a side note I made homemade scones and served them with fresh lemon curd from my local farmers market and my goodness was it ever good! (If I do say so myself)

Also I've just this morning begun a group on Ravelry called Completely Frogged in Vaughan. Please come check it out and join! The more the merrier...I mean, it's certainly no fun to be in a group alone!

And lastly for any locals to Toronto, a little plug for my favourite LYS's. Romni Wools and the Knit Cafe are both having sales. Romni for the entire month of July and the Knit Cafe beginning next Saturday. I'll be visiting next week for sure and will post about all my finds...I think I'll get some sock yarn. :)

Until then, happy crafting.

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  1. Can you Knit me one of those Maltese things, looks soft and cuddly to me, :o)

  2. Erm, that may prove to be a bit tricky...