Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm in LOVE!

Hello there and thank you for reading!  Thank you to any friends and family who visited the site.  Especially those who posted comments which helps it to look like someone actually reads this. 

Today I'm going to talk a bit about my current project, a bit about my upcoming project, and a bit about some luscious yarn I bought - I hope you enjoy.

So first - about that white crocheted baby blanket I've been working on.  I should mention that if you like the pattern so far, it is the Ruffled Snapdragon Baby Blanket on Ravelry.  It turns out that although it is pretty tedious to do the same stitch over and over along such a ginormous piece, it is a PERFECT travelling piece.  It is beginning to get a bit on the big side for purse storage, but I'll keep it in my purse anyways.  It is good mindless stuff that I can work on at all kinds of functions which sounds a little anti-social, but the long and the short of it is this: 1) I eat less at parties when I have a project in my hands for the obvious reason that I can't eat and crochet at once (what a pity), 2) I can talk and crochet at once, and 3) this project needs to be done in two weeks time in order to give me enough time to wash it and block it before taking it merrily with me to meet its new tiny little owner all the way over in England.  It's getting closer and closer to completion every day currently measuring a whopping 21" x 36", but I must say I'm beginning to panic just a little. 

Now onto my upcoming project...
First let me make mention that the recipient of the Strawberry Tiramisu baby blanket was so tickled by it that she requested I make another!  We will be picking the pattern for it this weekend and I will be sure to let you know what it is as soon as I do.  Now this is all very exciting, but it also means one more crocheted baby blanket which, if I don't become a crafting bigamist, will actually cause complete insanity.  So, here is the perfect solution!  I am going to begin my Superstar Knit challenge.  If you haven't flipped through Debbie Stroller's Stitch n Bitch Superstar Knitting  I can't recommend it highly enough.  I'm reading through the intro and instructions right now just for fun and it is amazing.  As usual, she has paired fashion relevent patterns with unique knitting techniques for newly minted advanced knitters which I cannot wait to try out.  So without further ado, I introduce my first frolic into her pattern book (and my first lace pattern to boot):   The Frilly Filly Scarf!  I do have some alterations in mind for this pattern already though, and mainly that is to turn it into a beautiful beaded cowl.  Think, Knitty's Ice Queen meets this pretty, beginner lace pattern. 

And now for the piece de resistance, and my love of the moment - the yarn!  Oh the, yarn!  I bought it with a gift certificate from my friend and it is DELICIOUS.  It is Debbie Bliss Angel and is the most beautiful coral colour.  I can't stop talking about it - even my personal trainer has heard about this yarn.  It's soft, and delicate, and quite possibly the prettiest thing I have ever knit with!  I'll let you know how it performs once the cowl is started, but in the meantime just know that it will be in my carry-on on the way to England eagerly awaiting it's cast-on. 

I hope it's ok, but I haven't included any pictures in this post, mainly because I tried to link back to things wherever possible.  I'm sure I've gone on too long, so here's where I'll bid you farewell...until next time Happy Knitting.


  1. Are u sure it's just knitting making u this happy, that's way too much happiness from just crocheting and knitting, must be some wacky tobaccy going along with it I reckon!!! :o)

  2. HI there...I recently started a blog and happened to see yours today. I love the comments about people actually reading the blog so I thought I would encourage you that yes, I did read your blog today! If you ever get a chance pop over to mine...UKnitMe.blogspot.com and give me your thoughts. :-)

  3. Your blog looks great Carol! Everyone should go check it out!