Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Reassurance of Craft

There is something thoroughly reassuring to me that it should be the case each and every time a stitch is made that the outcome is known.

It seems, particularly lately, that precious few of life's actions have this sort of unwavering result. The saying goes that nothing in this life is certain but I would argue strongly that I know if I insert my needle into a stitch, yarn over, pull my loop through and off I will invariably make a stitch. Good or bad, a stitch will be made. Furthermore, if the stitch is made improperly or something was forgotten 17 rows back, the piece can be tinked (un-knit, knit backwards) or frogged (therapeutic ripping out of stitches) and "re-done." This is not only legal but it often works to completely fix the error.

This, friends, is the reassurance of craft that so many knitters and crocheters, myself included, rely upon to calm them.

I hope it calms you too. Happy crafting.

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