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It's been weeks since I've actually blogged about what I'm knitting and crocheting. In fact it's been so long since I mentioned what's on my needles, that a couple of projects have come off the needles! Before I begin, if you have read the Yarn Harlot's August 26, 2011 post, you may be disappointed with the size and quality of my below-posted blankets, but I so very much admire the Yarn Harlot that I only can feel honoured to complete one of my blankets in the same week as she blocked hers.  So without further adieu...

First I will tell you about the baby blanket that I made for my cousin in the U.K. She had a gorgeous baby boy while I was there, as I mentioned, and Mr. Frogged and I were lucky enough to get to meet the little monkey. Not only that, but he liked me (he really liked me!). Little Duffle deigned us with his presence at nine something in the morning after already hanging in an extra two weeks! At little more than an hour old we went to visit him.  After much begging and pleading we were allowed by the rigid U.K. hospital staff to visit this little man for whom we had made this special trip. We walked into the hospital room and he was there in his mummy's arms, happy as a clam. His daddy took him, he cried. His grandaddy took him, he cried. I asked for a cuddle, assuming that there was no way I could possibly make it worse, he stopped crying. He snuggled. He slept. His daddy took him, he cried. Therefore, I conclude that he likes me. What he also likes is his big baby blankie that I was able to give him that morning. Below are some blocking pictures and then a couple of cuties that I have been given to show you all. Awwwww, bless 'im.
36" x 36" of LOVE

See how all the extra stitches make ruffles?  Cool, eh?

Meet Duffle!

And now for a close-up...
But before Duffle arrived, there was much drama.  He was, after all, 2 weeks late, and did not come into this fair world on his own terms.  He certainly didn't come into it on my cousin's terms, who I love dearly, but had in fact been hoping for a relaxing water birth, with Snow White-esque forest animals fetching her ice chips but was stuck with midwives, a gross misuse of an oversized crochet hook, and what has been described to me as border-line torture.  The first day of this nerve-wracking madness we were in Bath sightseeing.  My glowingly round cousin and her ever cheerful hubby had ushered us there for the day because A) one must visit Bath when in England, and B) the induction was scheduled there.  We spent a glorious day in Bath and the pregnant party uttered not a single word of complaint in the sweltering heatwave walking for 8 hours, and in fact put every other pregnant woman I've met to shame.  As we readied ourselves to leave we received the call and were off to the hospital.  After leaving a fearful cousin in a hospital room awaiting the myriad ways of being induced, I sat in the waiting room waiting, as you do, because I was all but kicked out of the room due to strict security in UK Birthing Units.  Fortunately for the nursing staff I had a new baby blanket to work on and a nearly full ball of yarn in my purse to keep me occupied while I waited.  What seemed like two full hours of solid speed crochet later, my aunt and uncle arrived and managed to us an update.  It was going to be a long haul, was the update.  And thus the new baby blanket was seriously begun.  In those couple of nights while we waited for Duffle, I crocheted through an entire ball of Cotton Fleece yarn.  Since returning home I have managed to complete the blanket, and only have yet to wash it, block it, and weave in the ends before it meets its new little owner who will be born in a couple of weeks, hopefully with much less trouble.  It is going to a friend of the recipient of the first of these blankets that I made. 
Working on the edging where the ribbon is meant to go.

Edge Detail

The full blanket, awaiting a wash.

I am still working on my Frilly Filly Scarf Cowl, but am not very quick with it.  I have about 2 repeats done out of about 1000.  I pulled out an old UFO (Un-Finished Object) pair of socks and am knitting on those from time to time, but today I got a box of yarn. Heheheh, delirious laughter abounds.  My Knit Picks order of 11 skeins of Swish DK Yarn in colour Sugar Plum have arrived.  I am beginning a Bobble Baby Blanket, and I have another in the wings for when that one is done.  The Bobble Baby Blanket is a request from the recipient of my first pink blanket and I'm hoping she will like it.  I'm already in love with the yarn.  The one that is in the wings is not fully decided on at the moment, but it will be for another of my cousins who is expecting her baby sometime in October.  No rest for the wicked, as they say. 
Anyways my friends, I think that brings you all up to date.  Tell me what you're working on, I'd love to know.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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