Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spun Out

I haven't really had the time to knit or crochet but check it out, the second strawberry Tiramisu is complete. Sadly it's still waiting to be washed and blocked but as I said, this week has flown by with scant chance to do a whole lotta much. I will get to it this weekend, I promise.

I went to the KW Knitter's Fair yesterday for the first time. It was awesome and I bought my first drop spindle and lots of luscious roving. So exciting. I started spinning last night and I LURVE it!!

This week what has taken up my time is our new family cottage. My entire family has just gotten a piece of Canadiana. And in my mind, I've just answered the question of "where will I keep my spinning wheel when I get it?"

Now I am the family interior designer, literally, and as such have been faced with the challenge of gettin' this show on the road by thanksgiving, which is a feat. I wish I could say I take it in stride but alas, I'm not that cool. I'm a perfectionist who wants her family to think she's something bordering between Superwoman and Martha Stewart pre-jail time. And when I think I'm failing at this, often I have a bit of a wobbler. A wobbler as defined by Ozzy Osbourne is like a freak out. So that was the culmination of the week on Friday morning but now I'm much better and back on the excitement wagon after having gotten much shopping accomplished this weekend. We are on our way to the cottage now to measure out where exactly the unpurchased wheel will go. ;)

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