Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two Weeks 'Till Christmas

Now, two weeks to Christmas,
Our knitter's uptight.
With a cramp in one hand
And a squint from bad light,
She keeps on with her craft
During each hour God sends
And denies to stop knitting
At parties with friends.
As cosmos, and chianties and h'ors deuvres abound
She vows, "I'll join in, I swear, just after this round."
Her needles are flying,
There's yarn in her clutch,
And even her hubby thinks,
"This is a bit much."
He sneakily lures her away with merino,
Then hands her a glass, quite full, with some vino.
He takes her out slowly to the mistletoe,
When sudenly she bursts out,
"I've got loose ends left to sew!"

Hello ladies and gents.  There is officially two weeks until Christmas now and in the spirit of Brenda Dayne I have delegated at least one of my Christmas crochet gifts to Festivus status.  The other one is close behind it, as there is no way I can possibly delegate enough time in the days left to crocheting when there is precious little time to do all of the other things left to do.

Today I spent the day with my mom, selecting fabrics and sitting on various sofas for the cottage.  Somehow this was a much less daunting task with my mommy there.  I think there are just some times where things are just like that.  We got much accomplished after going all over creation to find out that there may actually only be one sales person in the world out there who is still interested in actually assisting their customers.  Just sayin'....

Tomorrow is a Christmas party.  Weeknights will be spent alternatively crocheting and shopping, with one gym session thrown in (yes I said that casually like it was something I do all the time, and yes I'm completely full of it, because I haven't done much of anything since the charity ride).  Next weekend I'm throwing a dinner party for some family in town for the holidays and as you know, next it will be Christmas! 

Anyways, enough babble for tonight.  How are your projects going?  It's definitely way too late for me, and I'm off to bed.  I'll catch up with you soon...happy crafting!

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