Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Would Steal a Sign?

Four hours ago we duct taped a sign to the lamp post in our yard asking politely for the return of our Nativity. After spending the afternoon at a holiday party, we returned and it's gone. We put the sign up under the popular theory that perhaps the thief misunderstood our nativity placement. Since we put it only four feet from the curb, many people we spoke to felt that perhaps it was assumed to be garbage and taken innocently by someone rescuing it from the trash. I'm not sure what it means when the sign is taken. It is not that windy that it could have blown far and after looking down the street for the sign to no avail we assume it's been taken too. We aren't bad people, I swear, so why??
We are putting another sign up. Last ditch effort. This whole thing is making me suspicious of people and uneasy and I don't much like feeling this way. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh my....who would do such a thing! What a mystery to have the nativity taken and then the sign...hmmmmmmm.....I'm so sorry. Not only for your lost nativity but your loss of trust with your community. :(

    You asked about the items I've been posting lately...generally the pics in the post are usually from the blog originally posted at...but I do ask permission prior to using them in my own goal is to share patterns, blogs and things others might not know about...sharing the knit wealth! With that said, the items along the right side were all made by me. I adore the pattern for the tiny knit stockings by Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits...they are fast and down right addictive!

    I'll be praying your nativity is returned...or at best whoever has it will display it...because that is what Christmas is all about...Christ!