Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spinning's Not Just for Yarn

Hello to you all! It's so optimistic of me to believe that there is anyone out there reading this, but I must tell myself you exist or else I feel like I'm talking to myself. I should mention that on Ravelry my name is KnittedChick so that if you do read this you can message me to let me know. :)

You may recall that the last time we spoke I was training for a charity bike ride. It's that same ride that has prevented me from checking in since then. I did the ride and it went ok. My knees were playing me up and I've since learned that I was biking with patellar tendinitis which is like tennis elbow in your knee. I spent most of the ride spinning which in cycling is being in a low gear peddling quite fast but not really going anyplace. Long story short, not too fun. In the end I did making it to the finish line and signed up for next year, so that can't be bad.

The reason it affected my blogging is because I had to play catch-up on all my housework once the ride was over with. Now I think the house is finally back in check, thanks in part to Mr. Frogged's productive days off, and I can happily continue my fiber filled fancies.

What I have discovered recently is Podcasts. Oh, how I love them! They keep me company when I drive to and from work. I feel like I have a group of knit obsessed girlfriends in my purse who chat with me for 4 hours a day! How great is that? Plus I'm learning so much. Like the fact that I'm itching to try spinning on a wheel instead of a bike. The idea of feeling all that fluffy fiber run through your fingers sounds entirely devine.

My current favourite podcasts are The CBC Vinyl Cafe, The Knitmore Girls, Craftlife and The Knitwits but there are so many to choose from it's really hard to pick. Check them out and tell me what you think, or let me know about podcasts you like.

Until next time happy crafting!

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