Monday, October 17, 2011

17 Different Ways...

It's mid-October and after a rain-filled weekend spent in front of this:

Crocheting this:

And bathing and brushing this after a mucky trip to the apple farm:

I realized that Halloween is almost upon us.

I have to say, there are about 17 different ways I don't want to dress up this year.

"Seventeen?" you say. Yes, 17. This is regularly my argument number of choice and I really do have that many reasons. Don't believe me? Read on...

1. There is the choice of costumes readily available for ladies: sexy something, witch, or animal. Not promising.

2. One size DOES NOT even fit all of ME let alone all. Costume makers when will you learn??

3. It's cold here. I don't know why no one knows this but in Southern Ontario on Halloween it is almost invariably winter coat weather and yet costumes for anyone over the age of 3 are too cheap/skimpy to keep anyone warm.

4. I'd rather embark in some stash enhancement with my spare cash than spend it on a costume I can't ever and won't ever wear again.

5. Let's be serious, I'd rather be knitting. Duh.

6. Or crocheting.

7. Or spinning.

8. Or blogging.

9. Is it just me or does anyone else get candy apple and chip crumbs down the cleavage of their Halloween costume???

10. There just isn't any way I'm going anywhere dressed as a "Snooky". I don't care what pop culture tells me.

11. After age 9 face paint is gross and greasy. I mean I'm sure it is before age 9 too but you tend not to notice as much.

12. Wigs are hot and itchy.

13. Masks, even new ones, smell weird.

14. As someone who is 26, married and without children I am in the stage of life in which I need amuse neither the immature boys of my youth nor my own offspring with my costume choice.

15. Most people I want to be for Halloween are thinner than me.

16. Being Stephanie Pearl McPhee for Halloween would be rather an obscure reference for most of the people I'll see Halloween night.

And lastly,

17. I just don't wanna, alright? Is that so bad?

Despite all this I do have a costume party to attend in which I fear I will stand out more if I don't dress up than if I do so here is the short list:

#1: Betty Page
#2: The Paper Bag Princess (by Robert Munsch)
#3: Zombie Slumber Party Girl

Leave a comment to tell me what you'll be for Halloween or what you think I should be.

Until then, happy crafting.

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  1. Like your list of list has only one. I don't do Halloween...but for those who do it seems to be huge with all the silly temporary Halloween stores that open up around July (seriously??). Dress as an old lady knitting and you could actually work on something productive (whatever knitting prop you bring!!) while at the party! Or there is always the ever top, black pants and a pair of little ears..I'm a cat ok! Have fun at your party and stay warm!

  2. Based on you short list i would go for The paper bag princess. That way you can ear whatever grubby clothes you want with a leaf collection bag over top and you don't have to deal with the nasty Halloween makeup.

    Interested to find out what you choose!