Monday, October 03, 2011

Letters Unsent

Dear Change Room Attendant,

I am very happy with my recently purchased sweater but my shopping experience could have been improved by the following:

1) Please treat the people in each change-room equally. I do not appreciate not receiving any service whilst 2 of your other customers are repeatedly asked if they require further assistance.

2) When I send my husband to discreetly ask you for the next size up from that which is in his hand (without actually saying the dreaded size out loud), do not reply at a volume loud enough for the shopping mall to hear that "What? A size x? No, they don't make them that big in petite. Hmm, I might have it in regular."  If you are going to be tactless about it, at least take it the whole hog and say "Now madam, you are either allowed to be fat, or short, it is forbidden to be both."  I take 4" off the bottom of petite sized pants, and you would like me to try the regular?  Is that a joke?

3) Kindly after performing the second item on this list, at least have the decency not to continuously ask one of the two ladies mentioned in item one if they would like you to get the pants in the next size down, a zero perhaps, because after all, that particular cut is designed for "curvy" women. 

Yours Truly,
Perturbed Petite

Dear furniture store delivery coordinators,

Shockingly, when a client requests repeatedly that the furniture order be delivered on Wednesday, he or she most likely would like for the furniture delivery to be scheduled for that day.  I realize this can be confusing as there are a whole host (7 to be exact) of days in a week, and this may get to be too much for you to deal with.  However, it would be prudent to apply some forethought to the situation and do all that is in your power to actually get said furniture to said home on said day. 

Best Wishes,
Disgruntled Deliveree

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