Monday, October 10, 2011

Week In Review

Good greif! This week was both never-ending and too short all at once. Monday night I was over-ambitious. I learned that Ikea furniture, no matter how compactly packaged, was not designed to be easily maneuvered by 5'-0" tall women. Let's just say that the box won and I still have a sizable bruise on my forearm that would likely inspire doubt from medical staff should I try to explain how I got it.
On Sunday and Monday nights I cut up all of the veggies to make Branston Pickle .

I followed the linked recipe exactly but when I tasted it after it had cooked for a bit (and good thing I did) I found it was way too sweet for me. I doctored it with about an extra cup of malt vinegar, about 1/2 a cup of Molasses and the key ingredient...tomato purée. The tomato, as it happened, was absolutely key and changed it right to what I wanted.

Another taste, this time with the requisite cheese, and I knew I had it. And boy, did that recipe ever make a lot of Branston Pickle. I'm sure we are now set up for life.

Mr. Frogged was away Tuesday and Wednesday to help my brothers set up at the new cottage. For a mercy, all of the scheduled deliveries did arrive on time. As it happens, persistence is essential in getting things done. What the Mister missed at home was this....

My Knitpicks order arrived on Tuesday! My cousin is expecting a little boy any second now and that mass of yarn is going to become a nice ripple blanket with a colour repeat of this...

Think of each skein as a row of ripply goodness and then repeat. This was one of the highlights of the week for sure. :) Now if I could just make some more progress on the bobble blanket, I'll be able to get to the ripple before Christmas.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent gathering more supplies for the cottage.

Tune in for a secondary blog post later all about the thanksgiving weekend.

Ciao for now and happy crafting!

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